Color Pouring Medium Golden

Color Pouring Medium Golden

Product Code:Color Pouring Medium Golden
  • AED 400.00

Golden Artist Color Pouring Medium is a low crazing extender for acrylic paint pouring.

Crazing is the formation of crevices that develop as acrylic paints and mediums dry.

This medium extends paint colors and is useful for improving adhesion to chalky surfaces like plaster or weathered paint.

Mix Heavy Body, Fluid, or High Flow Acrylics into Color Pouring Medium Gloss for an almost opaque, glossy and level appearance. Color Pouring Medium Matte provides a low luster finish on color pours. Colors hold their edges when poured wet into wet. 

Gently mix 10 parts Color Pouring Medium with 1 part acrylic color, allow mixture to sit covered (ideally overnight) to eliminate air bubbles. Pour close to the surface to reduce air bubbles.

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