Protective varnish

Protective varnish

Product Code:Protective varnish
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Natural Varnish - Protective varnish

Matte Protective Varnish for decorations in the Spirit range.
It protects your decorations , supports and objects indoors and outdoors .

Properties :

  • Natural matte appearance after drying.
  • In aqueous phase.
  • Scentless.
  • Yield: approximately 8 to 12 m²/L depending on the relief of the decor.

Application :

  1. Shake well before use.
  2. Ready to use, do not dilute.
  3. After the decorative systems in the Spirit range have completely dried, apply a coat of Natural Varnish with a brush or short-haired roller.
  4. Making sure to avoid gaps.
  5. Leave to dry for 6 hours before handling or any solicitation.
  6. Apply the product between 5 and 25°C in the absence of bad weather during drying.

Destination :

  • Natural varnish is applied to protect all the decorations created by the decorative effects of the Spirit range.
  • Attention, on a decoration made with the help of Rust spirit, Copper spirit or Bronze spirit, the prior application of the Spirit sealer neutralizer is necessary.
  • Not recommended on floors because it can shine.
  • Do not apply outdoors on a heavily rusted metal support.
  • Not suitable for outdoor use in intense exposure situations (UV, bad weather, etc.)

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